Is Madison-Lynch Dingee Still Alive After That Car Wreck?

Maybe Madison Lynch-love Dingee’s nature and connection to animals came to her through osmosis. Madison Dingee had a strong bond with animals because she grew up caring for them on her family’s farm in Clinton Corners. On December 21, 2021, a 16-year-old student from Our Lady of Lourdes was in a car accident. Her father spent most of his childhood in the Adirondacks and rural Dutchess County. He and his wife bought a farm in Clinton Corners when he married.

Madison was very good at everything

She learned to fish when she was five, started riding horses, and helped care for animals. She was more than happy and excited to work with her father. Her cowgirl hat and boots made her feel like a kid again.

She was very nice, often funny, and always seemed to be smiling. “Cool Kid Madi” was her moniker. Her brothers, friends, and people who liked her on TikTok, where she made them laugh with silly dancing videos and skits, all knew that. Richard Dingee reflected on the last three months and said, I cry daily. “I miss her every day and love her so much.”

A few days before her 17th birthday, Madison died in a car accident on Route 82 on December 21, 2021. The woman who lived in Salt Point was in a hurry because she would be late to work at a horse farm in Pine Plains.

During warm-ups, the team played some of Madison’s favourite country songs, and coach Allie Imperati told the crowd how charming and friendly Madison was. After a minute of silence, Lourdes went out on the field with only ten players instead of their usual 11. This was to show that their midfielder wasn’t there. Their rival, Sleepy Hollow, agreed.

A bunch of flowers and Madison’s No. 9 jersey were given to her family

Richard Dingee gave each player flowers as a thank-you for being friends with his daughter and trying to remember her. As they made the gesture, a few of them started to cry. Morgan McHale, a sophomore and one of Madison’s best friends, said, “It was very nice of them, and it meant a lot because they deserve all the flowers.” “It’s great to see her family here, and the school come together to help them,” she said. “I’m still getting used to the idea that she’s gone.” Madison’s death saddened many people in the area since she was well-known and loved by everyone. The 11th-grader had family and friends all over the Mid-Hudson Valley and was also well-known on the travel lacrosse circuit. Imperati said, “She was one of the nicest people you could meet. She was very bubbly and excited. I can hear her laugh in my head.

Richard Dingee said that spending time with Madison’s old teammates was a nice reminder of the kind of person she was and how she made people feel, not a painful reminder of how much she was missed. “This is great,” he said. ” It’s wonderful to see these kids.

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