Mom is now “living her best life in Cabo” after getting divorced from her cheating husband, The internet is crazy about it

A teen’s article about how happy her mother has become in her later years has gone viral and shows other people that it’s never too late to find happiness again. Briseida Robles is a talented artist who just posted a picture on her Instagram account of her mother, Siboney Loya, being hugged by her new boyfriend as they sat in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in front of the beautiful ocean. The reason why over 211,000 people liked her tweet was the description she put with it. She said, My mom, got a divorce from my father because he was always cheating on her, and now she’s living her best life in Cabo with a new boyfriend who takes her everywhere.

After getting a divorce from my father, who was always cheating on her and splitting up with him, my mother is now living it up in Cabo with a new boyfriend who takes her places. Siboney was initially nervous about meeting people online, but she found her new partner through a dating app called Bumble. At this point, they have been dating for a little more than a quarter of a year. The inspiring story of Briseida’s mother, who found love when she was 38 after being hurt, has given the Twitterverse hope that love can be found at any age.

It does get you going

Even though it’s 2017, there are still older women making big changes in their lives. Briseida, 19 years old, told Yahoo Lifestyle that her mother is her best friend and is thrilled with how her love life has been going lately. A lot of honesty and acceptance marks our interactions with each other. “She has been my best teacher my whole life,” she said. “She has taught me a lot about loving myself, forgiving others, and having fun.” When I think about how my mother raised me, I feel grateful that I’ve always had someone to guide me without judging my choices. The mother and father of the teen are still getting along well. In a tweet, Briseida said, He’s a great dad, but he couldn’t stay true to my mom, which is good because they’re both happy now.

Feelings for each other

She said They don’t have any bad feelings toward each other; she and my dad are still friends, which makes me so happy. So, Briseida, tell us what you think about her mom’s new boyfriend. She says, “He is real and cares a lot about my siblings and me and his own kids. She also says, “He is real and cares a lot about my siblings and me. He tells me repeatedly how obsessed he is with my mother.” She goes on to say, “He is a lot of fun. I couldn’t be happier that my mom was able to find him.

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