What happened to Andy Thomas? Why did the Shark Tank Star die?

In a very famous event, Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 13 invited a founder, Daniel named Kettle Gryp, also known as “Dan” Sheppard, and Andrew “Andy” Thomas. During the end of the show, one very shocking news we heard about Thomas’s death which 

Thomas was 47 years old and left this work, making his space void. He died because he had cancer. Shark Tank and ABC also paid homage during the end of Episode 13. Shark Lori Greiner also paid tribute to the co-founder.

Who was Andy Thomas?

Andy Thomas and Daniel Shephard were co-founders of Kettle Gryp. They have been well-known friends since their childhood time. They had a strong bond and shared almost everything.

Andy was also a well-known CEO of Pangolin Design Group and a prominent co-originator of Kettle Grip. Furthermore, he was also a great fitness and aviation fan who loved to travel. Andy was quite inclined toward travel and motivated by his friend Kettle Grip and business-associated Danielle.

What was Andrew Thomas’s Age

As per the media, Andrew Thomas turned 47 years old when he died and was born in 1974. 

Andy Thomas Wife

Andrew Thomas tied in a knot with Carolyn, and there is a child named Rex. He was a fantastic father and also a caring husband. But, regrettably, who knows what will happen the next day, although no such details are available about his son and wife.

What Happened After Death of Andy Thomas?

Kettle Grip co-founder. However, Lori informed the news about his death via Twitter the fans were distraught knowing about this news. In addition, Lori also wrote a note with images that mentioned In memory of Andrew Thomas, the caring husband, and father, with dare Marine, mine the best friends. 

Shark shared heartbreaking news with late friends. “It’s for you, Andrew! Who was always a great American superman, dearly loved husband, proud father, and friend of unlimited people; we will all miss you a lot.

How did Kettle Grip co-founder Andy Thomas die?

It is found in the report that Andy Thomas died because he was severely battling cancer. Major Thomas died of United States Marine Corps (Retd) at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, due to a battle with cancer on 6th December 2021.

 But fans continue praying their respects to the daring man and a prominent entrepreneur who achieved a crown on ‘Shark Tank.’

Some individuals expressed their condolences through social media in different ways, like how this happened, what and when, and many more.

What happened to Andrew from Kettle Gryp?

What made Andy Thomas famous? As the death of the young entrepreneur is still unidentified, lots of media are reporting that the 47-year-old entrepreneur is no more due to his long battle with cancer. The Kettle Gryp CEO achieved a $30,000 deal at a time, so his fan followers were delighted.

What happened to Andrew Thomas?

Andrew Thomas, who was a celeb on Shark Tank as he, died due to cause of cancer. Thomas was an EX Marine and won a Kettle Gryp. Shareholder Lori Greiner also shared her heartbreaking and painful news and paid tribute to a famous business holder. 

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