What was the cause of Louie Castro and Fernando ending the relationship

We know that YouTube star Louie Castro and his boyfriend Fernando Flores have broken up. Even though Louie and Fernando are no longer together, they still have trouble. One of the best makeup artists on YouTube, Louie, recently posted an update on his channel in which he talked about the end of his relationship. Fernando also said something about the breakup of the couple’s relationship on his Instagram.

What was the cause of their breakup?

In the meantime, Fernando hasn’t posted a video about it yet, but Louie went to his YouTube channel on December 23 to set the record straight. Fernando and I are no longer together. That’s the long and short of it. Louie got to the point by saying, It’s been about a month since we last saw each other. Louie went on to say, ______Our relationship didn’t end in a particularly bad way, which added more details to the story.

She said ___We pretty much broke up because I realized I wasn’t feeling it like I used to. From then on, there were no more highs, only lows. In his next sentence, Louie said, I had to eventually put my foot down and be like, ‘What is this relationship?____ He was talking about the need to set limits. Also, the famous person said that the two argue about silly things. Louie said that “it just wasn’t about how it used to be” and that thinking about how things used to be was the only thing that kept them together. He said,___the love wasn’t as strong as it used to be.

Fernando Flores clubbing video

While Louie was talking about when and why the couple split up, another video of Fernando was getting much attention on social media sites.

The video, which looks like it was recorded not too long ago, shows Fernando kissing a man who cannot be named because they are both dancing at a bar. A few days ago, the video was posted on the internet. Since then, some of Fernando’s fans have been wondering if he cheated on Louie or not. On the other hand, the ex-couple didn’t waste any time setting the record straight and ending the rumors.

Fernando wrote about what had happened on his Instagram account in the form of a story. A YouTuber named Sebastian Soto took a picture of the post before it was taken down. Sebastian said in his YouTube video that Fernando had written, This video was taken of me yesterday on his Instagram account. This means that the video was made on December 23, one month after the two of them broke up. Louie made it clear in the video he put on YouTube that it had been about a month since they broke up. The makeup artist also talked about a video of him at a club that has gone viral and is being shared online.

Fans reaction

Even with all the crazy things that happened, most people were sad when they heard that Louie and Fern had broken up.

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