Who is Jeanette Gallegos, aka Jeaann27? Florida rapper commits suicide after shooting Jeanette Gallegos in front of his kids

Hispanic woman Jeanette Gallegos, 27, was discovered dead in her Temple City, California, home alongside rapper J Stash, 28. Don’t stop reading until you know what happened. Ustin Joseph, aka J Stash, has been charged with murder in the death of Jeanette Gallegos. Justin Joseph is his birth name; he goes by J Stash. Both Justin Joseph and Jeanette Gallegos were pronounced dead at the scene, per the Los Angeles County coroner’s report.

Who is Jeaann27, aka Jeanette Gallegos? 

Jeanette Gallegos, J Stash’s girlfriend and the mother of his three children, was found dead in her residence. According to media reports, Florida rapper J Stash murdered a mother of three in front of her children in Los Angeles before taking his own life. At 7:15 this morning, someone fired a gun. Earlier on Saturday, in the 9200 block of Pentland Street, a shooting was reported to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

In response to a report of probable domestic violence involving a gunshot wound, deputies from the Temple Sheriff’s Station went to a residence, as stated in the statement. Deputy Grace Medrano issued a public statement. Medrano said deputies found a Hispanic woman, 27, and a black guy, 28, dead inside the home. The woman was shot multiple times, while the man accidentally shot himself in the head. When the deputies arrived, the three children, aged 5, 7, and 11, were safely removed from the apartment. Three little children were discovered at the location, considered Jeanette’s. The police have taken the children into protective custody and placed them in a daycare centre until further notice.

What happened to Jeaann27?

At the time of her death, Jeaann27 was 27 years old. Jeanette Gallegos, also known by her online alias Jeaann27, was murdered in the presence of her three young children. A 27-year-old lady and J Stash were both discovered dead at the scene. Gallegos was shot multiple times, and J Stash appears to have shot himself.

Net Worth of Jeaann27

Due to the obscurity of Jeaann27’s line of work, she has a low or non-existent net worth. On the other side, there is speculation that Jeanette and J Stash are a couple. However, J Stash has a value of around $30 million. If his rapping job is indeed his main source of money, then he may have lived a lavish lifestyle.

More information on Jeaann27 and J Stash

Jeaann27 was dead in the apartment. There is a shortage of specifics online concerning Jeaann27. His purported boyfriend, J Stash, is widely reported in the media and has a considerable online following. After allegedly murdering a mother of three in front of her children in Los Angeles, Florida rapper ‘J Stash’ allegedly took his own life. On the other hand, J Stash shot to fame after 2016’s Hood Rich was published and has since followed it up with No More Distractions, Relax with Me, and 6ix before 7even. Joseph’s interests extended beyond rapping to include modelling and fashion design. Before he went solo, he founded the record label and rap group Relax Rekords, under which he produced three mixtapes.

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