Who is Tara Strozier? Mom discovered in Oklahoma pond, reportedly tortured and killed, Details explored

A body belonging to a woman who had been reported missing from Fort Smith was found in a pond in LeFlore County, Oklahoma, on Thursday night. The body of Tara Strozier was found, and the LeFlore County Sheriff’s Office immediately contacted the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for help investigating the case. The Fort Smith Police Department received a complaint that Strozier was missing on July 19 this year.

According to a press statement issued by the OSBI, the Fort Smith Police Department reached out to the Leflore County Sheriff’s Office for assistance after learning that Strozier may have been spotted for the last time in the Cameron, Oklahoma, area. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation provided the information that led to this request. A black Volkswagen Jetta belonging to Strozier and with Florida license plates was found sitting unattended in the driveway of a Cameron home on July 24. The LeFlore County Sheriff’s Office reached out to the OSBI on July 26 for assistance with an investigation they were conducting.

Police say Strozier was tortured and murdered

After conducting a joint investigation, the police have concluded that Strozier was subjected to torture at an abandoned mobile home located on Neblett Ridge Road in Cameron before his death by drowning in the pond located in the Rock Island neighbourhood. Alex Nathaniel Davis, age 30, Austin Johnson, age 23, and Kaelin Hutchinson, age 24, are all suspected of being involved in Strozier’s kidnapping and subsequent murder. The OSBI alleges Davis admitted to killing Strozier with Johnson present.

In the aftermath of her murder, her body was “weighed down and deposited into the pond,” as stated in a press release issued by the OSBI. On Thursday, law enforcement took three individuals, namely Davis, Johnson, and Hutchinson, into custody in LeFlore County, Florida. Davis is being jailed on suspicion of murder in the first degree and kidnapping. Both Hutchinson and Johnson are being investigated for possible involvement in a murder in the first degree; Hutchinson is accused of impeding a law enforcement officer.

Suspects who killed Tara Strozier

Strozier was tortured and murdered in a mobile home, the inquiry found. Her lifeless body was then taken across the grass and thrown into the lake once it had been executed. Davis said Austin Johnson, 23, was present throughout the murder. Both Davis and Johnson have been taken into custody for the homicide. The third person under suspicion is a woman named Kaelin Hutchinson, 24 years old and accused of impeding a law enforcement officer.

The three males were reportedly arrested on Thursday and transferred to the Leflore County Detention Center after their capture, as stated by the authorities. The officials have not provided any information on the possible motivation for the lady’s murder. It is now unknown how the female victim knew the men responsible for her death or whether she knew them at all. According to the results of an online search, Strozier has been taken into custody before in connection with narcotics raids.

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