Who is Xtassy Beats? Cause of death and personal details revealed

This is a really sad announcement, but Xtassy Beats has passed away. A youthful and enthusiastic DJ and music producer are no more. The Dominican people are grieving the DJ’s passing and offering tributes. As to the accounts, he was merely 37 years old. The reason for his death is not apparent as of now. His dying news was made public by his pals and known. Many remember him for the fantastic melodies and rhythms that energised the area. Keep reading to discover more.

Who is Xtassy Beats?

Xtassy Beats is a DJ and music producer. He originates from the Dominican Republic. Juan Abreu was his birth name. He was well-known for his work on DonOmar’s Hit and DanzaKuduro, for which he composed the instrumentals. He has worked with prominent names in Dominica, including Pitbull and Natti Natasha. After releasing their first album, The Rise: Latin Street Hits, under the name A&X (Alcover and Xtassy), in 2016, the pair quickly rose to the top 10 on Billboard’s Latin Rhythm Albums list. There is no Wikipedia article about Juan. About 21,000 people are following him on Instagram. It’s been given on social media that Xtassy’s ex-girlfriend DaschaPolanco is devastated by the loss of his affection.

How Did Xtassy Die and What Caused His Death?

Netizens have been mourning the death of music producer Xtassy Beats, popularly known as Juan Abreu, by posting tributes and obituaries on various social media platforms. Danza Kuduro, to which he contributed significantly, became his signature hit. Don Omar sung the song, which featured Lucenzo. Xtassy Beats reportedly passed away for mysterious reasons. According to Twitter and other social media sites, what a loss to the music industry is the departure of the powerhouse of talent. However, the verified source has not yet revealed the news and what happened to him.

Personal details of Xtassy Beats 

Little is known about Xtassy Beats’s personal life, including the relationships he has had in the past and the ones he currently has. In 2017, artist Xtassy Beats became 37 years old. He was born in the Dominican Republic to happy parents on September 9, 1984. It turns out that Xtassy Beats’ real name is Juan Alfonso Abreu. His stage name propelled him to international stardom as an entertainer.

The cause of death of Xtassy Beats 

The terrible loss of Xtassy Beats devastated the hearts of his thousands of admirers. His musical compositions and arrangements were well praised. His death at 37 stunned his friends and family and left them speechless. The circumstances of Xtassy Beats Death have yet to be revealed. The information indicates that he passed away on the evening of February 4th. In the immediate aftermath of his passing, messages of sympathy and remembrance filled social media. Our group has expressed its sincere sympathy to his loved ones for the tragic loss they have suffered. No one can take his status. He will always be in the hearts of his well-wishers. So long, and thanks for all the Xtassys!

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