What is a Scientology Necklace? Why is it so popular among TikTok stars? Details explored!

TikTok fans have voiced their disapproval of influencers who have been seen wearing items associated with the Scientology religion. Frankie Jonas, the youngest Jonas Brother, joked by asking TikTok celebs to wear Scientology necklaces. After posting a video on TikTok where he wore the necklace and titled it “wear my Scientology chain and pose,” which has since been removed, he tricked many of his fellow users into doing the same. Then he emailed a photo collage to all the people he had tricked, including Charli D’Amelio, Lil Huddy, Noah Beck, and Suni Lee, all of whom are being criticized for wearing the necklace. A Scientology necklace may be confusing. The question is fair. It’s not been not sure why they’re getting bad reviews.

What Is This Scientology Necklace?

Typical components of a Scientology necklace include a chain and a pendant with the religion’s signature symbol. In the middle of two intersecting triangles, the Scientology logo has a bent letter “S.” When someone wants to show their support for the Scientology church, wearing a necklace with the faith’s symbol on it is a common way to do so.

What Is Meant By Scientology?

The fundamental teachings and practices of Scientology, which L. Ron Hubbard established, have led many individuals to conclude that the organization may be classified as a religion. On its website, the Church of Scientology states that it “Offers a precise route leading to a complete and definite grasp of one’s genuine spiritual nature and one’s link to self, family, groups, Mankind, all living things, the material world, the spiritual cosmos, and the Supreme Being.” Since the ultimate goal of Scientology is the spiritual enlightenment and emancipation of all people, this objective indicates that religion has nothing to do with the physical world.

Influencers: Why Are They Getting Mocked?

Since Frankie Jonas’s video was uploaded to the internet and became popular, many have condemned celebrities for supporting this religion. They claim that the celebs should have had a more common sense before joining the fad and donning the jewellery, which raises the question: why? Even though Scientology seems to be no different from other faiths, it is sometimes condemned for being a cult. This is even though L. Ron Hubbard founded Scientology.

According to the reporting of The Irish Times, members of the general public perception that the Church of Scientology is an aggressive and dishonest organization that engages in repression and harassment. People who adhere to the doctrines of Scientology are often counselled to “disconnect” from their social networks and cease all communication with their friends entirely.

Cases of mental and emotional abuse committed in the name of Scientology have received a great deal of publicity, as have instances of fraudulent recruiting techniques carried out by the church. Likely, the influencers weren’t aware of the full ramifications of wearing a Scientology necklace. Still, it’s always a good idea to give anything a significant amount of thought before jumping on the bandwagon associated with social media.

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