On Twitter and Reddit, a video of a fight between two teens in the bathroom of Wilmington High School has gone viral

This week, a “serious and scary physical incident” occurred in a boys’ bathroom at the high school in Wilmington. School officials and the Wilmington Police Department are looking into what happened. The horrible thing that happened made the school’s superintendent very angry, both because it happened and because some students filmed it and put it online. The incident and the fact that some students filmed it shocked the superintendent. People are angry about the pixelated video of the event making its way around the internet. You’re probably wondering what happened to shock everyone, and you’d be right to wonder.

The event was caught on video by a cell phone, and that video is now all over the internet. In the video, three teens can be seen picking up another kid and pushing him into a crowded boys’ bathroom stall. The young person is seen holding on to the cubicle’s walls to stop the other three people. People there can be heard laughing as they try to push him into a toilet. In a letter, the school’s superintendent, Glenn Brand, said he was disgusted by how the students were acting and that it made him angry.

How the Wilmington High School Bathroom Video Came to Be

Glenn said that the students’ actions were “inappropriate” and were not in line with the values of the educational community in which they were involved. The superintendent of schools went on to say that he thinks every student at the school should have the right to go to a school that makes them feel safe and helps them. He said that this was his expectation because he thoughtevery student should be able to attend school. Glenn went on to say that he knows most of the students make decisions that support and help create an atmosphere like this, but some students don’t agree, and he doesn’t like those kids.

Supt. Brand says, “The Wilmington Public School puts the safety, well-being, and respect of every student and staff member above everything else.” In a letter sent home with families, school officials said they were looking into who was involved in the incident and who filmed it and posted it online. They wouldn’t say much about what had happened, but they did say that the people responsible would be held very accountable.

Since the video was put on the internet, parents have started to worry about the safety of their children. Mandeep Lane, whose two younger children are now in school, said she didn’t like how the teenagers acted.He expressed concern about the safety of his children’s high school and a desire for a different option. He was worried about his kids’ safety at the high school they were going to, so he asked for a different option. The event is still being looked into, and the police are trying to figure out which kids were responsible for the attack on another student.

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