Who is Kurt Perez? What Happened in Season 9 of The Blacklist? Death Cause & Updated Details Discussed

The last episode of The Blacklist’s ninth season included an emotional tribute to Kurt Perez. Perez served an important function for the show’s production team. During the month of March 2022, Perez was allegedly driving on the Taconic State Parkway. But he was unable to avoid running into a tree and colliding with it. The state police came at 1:30 a.m. and found Perez dead. The 50-year-old Kurt was killed in an accident that authorities believe was brought on by the slick roads.

Get to know about Kurt Perez 

The Blacklist paid tribute to a late crew member in the twentieth episode of Season 9. The episode ended with a heartfelt title card paying tribute to a man named Kurt Perez, and at first, viewers had no idea what was going on as the show concluded. A fan of Kurt Perez asked the question in a tweet, “Can someone please inform me who Kurt Perez was?” about his persona. Someone remarked that Perez might have been on-site assisting with the production.

A man by the name of Kurt was a member of the production staff for the crime drama, which left earlier this year. However, the nature of his role has not been determined, and there is only a limited amount of information available on him at this time. On May 20, the ninth and final episode of The Blacklist will be broadcast. Season 9’s official description states that Red Spader turns to the Task Force to aid ground a flying fortress bank as one of the methods in which Spader seeks to out his true adversary.

The Blacklist previously honoured actors and crew

The Blacklist has, on occasion, paid tribute to a deceased member of the show’s cast or crew. In the season 8 episode 6 tribute that was shown in February 2021, Clark Middleton, who played the role of DMV worker Glen Carter in a total of 13 episodes, was recognized and honoured. On October 20, at 63, Middleton passed away after a courageous battle against the West Nile virus. The creator of the series, Jon Bokenkamp, recently revealed to a news source that he and Clark had developed a strong friendship throughout the past few years and that they frequently got together for dinner, met after press events, hung out, and talked about movies.

He also stated that they frequently got together for other activities, such as hanging out. In 2020, The Blacklist broadcast a special episode in honour of Brian Dennehy. Dennehy was featured in both movies up to the time of his death in April 2020 at the age of 81. He played the role of Dominic Wilkinson, who was the father of Russian spy Katarina Rostove and the grandfather of Elizabeth Keen. Dennehy has been a member of the show since Season 3 and has guest featured in a total of nine episodes, including two in Season 7. 

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