Who is Beth Kirby? What happened to the Local Milk Entrepreneur? Cause of death and personal details discussed

Businesswoman and milk distributor Beth Kirby has passed away. She was a well-known influencer for her posts about numerous types of food. Inquiring minds want to know what exactly took her life. One of the most original minds in food photography and Instagram history, Beth Kirby, aka Local Milk, passed away today.

Who is Beth Kirby?

In addition to establishing Local Milk, Beth Kirby is a well-known businesswoman. Fans and admirers of Beth Kirby were stunned by the news of her death, and the story quickly went viral online. Her followers come from all walks of life and are interested in learning more about the culinary arts and culture. A passionate eater with a southern upbringing but a global outlook, she was a true gastronomic explorer. Kirby attended Loyola University New Orleans to study philosophy and write while in the south. She experienced religious experiences with Tabasco oysters on the half-shell, Central Grocery muffulettas, CafĂ© du Monde’s midnight beignets, and crawfish in brown paper sacks.

While she was backpacking through Europe on a tight budget, she spent much of her time in a tiny Dutch village, where she frequented a cafe named L’abri and ate homemade bread and Stroop waffles. Both were taking and making photographs delighted her. This was her most popular content. Her fan base mostly resided on the Instagram app, yet they visited her websites frequently to read her writing. Beth Kirby struggled with issues, addiction, and mental illness for nearly 25 years before realizing she could channel that energy for positive creation just by being in the now.

What lead to the death of Beth Kirby?

Cancer was reportedly the cause of death for Beth Kirby. She was born and raised in Tennessee, USA, and was 48 years old. But the official notification about the reason for death has not been made yet. Hopefully, she’ll find out soon through her husband or someone else close to her. Formerly, Instagram was where she shared her work and interacted most frequently with her fans. The Instagram account she maintains under the name bethkirby has over 600,000 followers. Her Instagram is filled with pictures of delicious-looking cuisine and exotic locations. The photos on her Instagram page demonstrate how much she enjoys taking them. People who like her work are saying they will miss her.

Meet Beth Kirby’s spouse Matthew

Beth Kirby’s late husband, Matthew Ludwikowski, established bold coffee to create the highest quality coffee and foster a community of coffee lovers by sharing ideas and experiences. Matthew broke the tragic news that her wife had passed away. He reflected on the first time they met and her impression of him in the post he wrote after her passing. As a foodie, he posts several photos of tasty treats worldwide on Instagram. His Instagram handle is @matthewlud, and he has over 35,000 followers—not nearly as many as Beth has, but still respectable. People who want to pay their respects to the departed and show their solidarity with Matthew have taken over the internet. They want him to know they share in his grief.

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