Who Is Josiya Sincere Moffett? Tragic Car Crash Claims the Life of Natasha Moffett’s Son, Details of the accident explored!

A terrible car tragedy took the lives of Josiya Moffett, his mother, Natisha Nicole Moffett, and his four siblings. Josiya was the youngest of the Moffett children. Find out as much information as possible about him. In a tragic vehicle accident, Natisha Moffett’s son Josiya, 17 years old, and their four younger siblings, all lost their lives. On the 2nd of July, 2021, a disturbance occurred in the area of the Arizona circuit road. In California, his family was getting together for the Fourth of July celebration and a weekend trip, and he was on his way there.

Who is Josiya Moffett?

The mother, Natisha Moffett, was the primary caregiver for her eldest child, Josiya, who was 17 years old. In addition, it was said that the young guy had just started working part-time at his school as an activity post. He was the oldest of five children: Giovanni Thomas Blakney, who was sixteen years old, and Santari Witherspoon, who was eight. Malik Thomas-Blakney Jr., also eight years old, and Makayla Thomas Blakney (5). Sadly, they were killed when a semi-truck struck them all simultaneously. The rest of Josiya’s relatives are utterly devastated by the news of his and his family’s untimely passing.

Specifics Regarding the Automobile Crash That Involved Josiya Moffett

Natasha Moffett, Josiya Moffett’s mother, moved to the Phoenix area before her daughter was born, giving birth to Josiya there. Their home in Grand Rapids was constructed before the year 2019. She planned a weekend trip to San Diego, so she was flying in from Phoenix. Natasha and her children followed very closely after their best friend Ayana, who was travelling in a separate car. They were forced to pull over to the side of the road because Ayana had a flat tyre, but Natisha could patch it since she was familiar with how to do so.

The vehicle that Natisha was driving was struck by a tractor-trailer, which caused it to explode into flames and break into two pieces. The tragic deaths of Moffett and her children resulted from an unforeseen event. Following the collision between their vehicle and the tractor-trailer, a second passenger was also brought to the hospital for treatment. There is no clear explanation for what caused the caravan to collide with the two vehicles. In addition, Josiya Moffett’s grandmother, Ynes Morrow, has established a GoFundMe page to collect monetary donations to assist with financial obligations.

Details about Josiya Moffett’s mother, Natisha Moffett

Natisha Moffett, who was 35 years old at the time, had previous experience working as a cosmetologist in the cosmetics industry. If she wanted to start again, an old acquaintance from her childhood named Iyona Flowers advised that she go to Arizona. She was attending to her nails and hair at present. Natisha had a normal life; she had a husband and a child like everyone else. Malik Thomas Blakney, her husband, has been at her side during their eight-year marriage.

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