Who is Marwa Elselehdar? Get to know more about the First Egyptian Female Captain to Rule the High Seas, Details explored!

The first Egyptian woman to ever hold her post, Captain Marwa Elselehdar is a leading figure. An accomplishment that has never been done before in a maritime industry sector that males have always controlled; this is particularly notable considering Egypt’s Arab background. Marwa has now divulged the strategies she used to succeed in a mostly male-dominated sector.

Who is Marwa Elselehdar?

Marwa Elselehdar shoulders a significant responsibility at the Arab Academy, where she works as the Business Development Coordinator. Elselehdar may continue to count on the unwavering support of her family while she works hard to achieve her ambitions since they have always been there for her. Marwa Elselehdar will take her final test and become a captain in April. Marwa graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2017. Marwa was an officer at the Arab Academy of Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport from 2013 through 2018 and held the role of Marine Officer during that period. Marwa Elselehdar dodged the question when she was explicitly asked whether or not she had a partner. On her Instagram account, Marwa only sometimes shares images of her husband or boyfriend with her followers.

Achievements of Marwa Elselehdar

When she navigated the MV Aida IV through the expanded Suez Canal in 2015, she set records for being the youngest and first Egyptian female Captain. In 2017, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was there for Egypt’s celebration of Women’s Day and was there to present her with an award. In May 2021, she’ll take the final Captain’s exam. She was presented with a Master of Business Administration degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

More details about the female Captain Marwa Elselehdar

According to the Encyclopedia of Arab-African Economic Integration, Marwa Elselehdar is regarded as one of the top 20 Arab women with the most significant accomplishments. She now has a job with the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety and is stationed aboard a cruise ship in that capacity. It is overseen by the Arab Academy of Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport, which links to the Egyptian government and controls the organisation. In contrast to speedy flights, cruises sometimes continue for a month or more and might be exhausting due to their length.

Marwa said that it was obvious that she was the only woman going on these trips with the men since she was the only one who volunteered. At first, it was difficult, but gradually, she pulled together as a group and fairly distributed the work that needed to be done. She said that since these trips are so lengthy, we have become close, nearly to the point of being siblings. Marwa, who will soon be 30, has ambitious plans to further her education by earning a master’s degree and eventually a doctorate degree. She thinks a woman’s work isn’t hampered by marriage and motherhood but rather strengthened by these responsibilities.

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