What did FunnyMike’s girlfriend, Jaliyah Monet do to get arrested? Jaliyah Ma Arrested and Pictured in Fort Bend County Jail, Details discussed!

According to reports, Fort Bend County jailed Jaliyah Monet after she was arrested for assault. Here is all you need to know about the arrest and charges against the influencer. The purported arrest of Jaliyah Monet has sparked a divisive debate on Reddit. Many of her followers now think she was detained when she was in Texas, and details have begun to emerge. According to a source whose credibility cannot be verified, Monet was reportedly taken into custody and held in the Fort Bend County prison. She was allegedly also charged with assault, according to speculations. Whether this is a domestic violence case or not, we won’t know for sure until further investigation is completed.

What Happened to Jaliyah Monet? Charges Against Jaiyahma Mugshot

According to reports, Jaliyah Monet was arrested in the county of Fort Bend in the state of Texas. After her booking photo was posted to a subreddit, people immediately began spreading rumours about her. The issue that must be answered is whether or not the mugshot accurately portrays Jaliyah. However, many have noticed some startling similarities between the two stories. The rest of the internet has now joined Reddit in spreading the rumours. The singer is going to talk about this matter in public at some point shortly. It has been determined that the rumour that Jaliyahma would be charged with one count of assault is accurate. As soon as I get further information, We will share it with you.

Personal life and kids of Jaliyah Monet

Unfortunately, Jaliyah Monet and her fiance Funny Mike haven’t tied the knot yet. The pair have been together for around five years and have had two children. They have a little girl now. The year 2019’s first Londyn was born in February. In addition, Jaliyah is a mom to a kid who is a year old. The Mike family has a regular presence on their youtube channel, Funny Mike Family. The MJs have two separate channels on YouTube, one of which is called The MJ Family. YouTuber’s other siblings are named Jayla and Liyah. They also have significant weight on the web through social media.

Meet Jaliyah Monet on Instagram

At this time, Jaliyah Monet is just 23 years old. The singer, born in Boston but now resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has her birthday on February 8. So, according to astrology, she is a fellow Aquarius. Jaliyah Monet, who uses the name Jaliyahma across all platforms, is another interesting fact. More than 2.5 million people followed her on Instagram at one point. Because of the incident, however, her account was removed. Ever since then, the singer has avoided all forms of online communication. She just changed her Instagram handles. However, she seldom makes new posts. Yet, despite this, it has amassed an impressive 850k+ fan base. Approximately 3.25 million people are subscribed to the FunnyMike Family YouTube channel.

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