Who is Mercer Bo? Justifying TikTok Bowie Mercer against Allegations of Sexual Assault

Bo Mercer, alias Bowie Mercer, a TikTok singer, has been accused of rape. Mercer has over 1.9 million Tiktok followers, making him a very popular user. His beautiful voice has won him over 43.3 million “likes” on YouTube. But since the rape claims surfaced, Bo has been the target of online abuse.

Is Bo Mercer a Rapist? A popular TikTok debate

Bo Mercer, a popular user on the video-sharing app TikTok, has disputed allegations that he is a rapist. Bo, also known as Bowie Mercer, has just been accused of having sexually assaulted a woman years ago. A Tiktok user using the name @tiltedceiling has come forward as a potential victim in the Bo Mercer allegations. My rapist is going to be on national tv. I’m so exhausted, @tiltedceiling said in the caption of a Tiktok they shared a few days ago.

Bo Mercer’s identity was revealed by @tiltedceiling after a few commenters urged him to keep it secret. After the name of the video’s creator was made public, there was a massive surge in the video’s viewership. The person who goes by the name @tiltedceiling then posted a series of subsequent Tiktoks with images of communications and receipts. A significant portion of the public began to refer to Bo as a rapist after the incident. However, the Tiktoker has debunked each and every one of the accusations. There has not yet been a conclusive investigation of the events.

What is Bo Mercer’s Real Age?

Bo Mercer seems to be in his early adolescent years. Bowie seems to be between the ages of 20 and 30, while his actual age is unknown. The same may be said of his citizenship; he resides in the United Kingdom. Bo maintains that he had a romantic connection with the claimed victim when he was 14 years old, but the evidence suggests otherwise. Mercer said, “Obviously, I was extremely immature at the time, and I did not know how to manage such a poisonous relationship.” Moreover, he said he no longer has any contact with that individual. Aside from that, Bowie said that the allegations were malicious and baseless. Further, he said he had contacted the victims’ loved ones. However, @tiltedceiling has taken down all of their videos from TikTok.

Get to Know Instagram’s Bo Mercer

In the wake of the scandal, Bo Mercer deleted his Instagram account. It would seem that Mercer has been unable to cope with the abusive messages and remarks that he is now getting at this time. Because of this, he has gone so far as to deactivate his comment areas. To add insult to injury, Bo Mercer is not mentioned in any Wikipedia articles. Because of his captivating voice, he has amassed a sizable following in the service. Numerous Bo Mercer admirers have written to say they want him on American Idol. However, the new claims he has made have sparked widespread discussion on all forms of online media. 

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