Who Is SZA? Trending on Twitter Reddit SZA Train Ran on Her Video Viral

Celebrities often get viral for their deeds. Currently, when social media can do anything, the viral trend continues mainly on these platforms. However, not everything that gets viral is necessarily true. Huge chances of rumour spreading are also common via social media. The incident of SZA is also like that. Recently, she got viral for an uncommon situation that makes no sense.

Who is SZA?

The real name of SZA is Solana Imani Rowe, and she is a famous American singer. She was born in St. Louis Missouri, on November 8, 1989. However, SZA is not only a singer but a songwriter too. She is famous for her rap songs. Her music career started in early 2010. Her debut studio album was named “ctrl”, released in 2017 and was very popular. Everyone appreciated this song, and the Recording Industry Association of America made it platinum-certified two times. She got many prestigious awards like MTV Video Music Awards, BET Awards and Billboard Music awards

SZA Train Video

Recently the internet has been flooded with a video where it was seen that a train ran over SZA. The video spread all over the internet through Reddit. So naturally, SZA came into the forefront and was featured in the headlines. However, the incident was completely fake. Yes, SZA is alive and completely fit and healthy. At first, everyone started lamenting this fact; however, netizens soon understood that the news was fake.

How Did the Video Spread?

As SZA shared a great deal of being viral on social media, her train video also got viral within moments. First, TDE posted the video on Twitter, and soon the video got some 2k to 4k likes and spread like fire. In a short time, many users got into the discussion, and the video went viral.

Why SZA Got Viral on Twitter Again and Again?

SZA leads a very controversial life. Therefore, she often got viral on every social media, mainly on Twitter. This 31-year-old singer is highly known for her inappropriate sexual behaviour. Thus, her personal life is always a topic of discussion on social media. In addition, she came to the headlines frequent times for sleeping with many men. Singer also came to the news when her past boyfriend Drake revealed their relationship on the internet. He claimed that he and SZA had been dating since she recorded her song 21 Savage.

The Real Incident

The whole hoax is, however, a claim from this Drake, her boyfriend. This statement, “ran on by train,” is nothing but a vulgar sexual joke. He meant to say that SZA had sexual relationships with too many men. Drake and SZA, though they had a very early relationship, were not happy with each other. Instead, they were popular for their endless feud. However, after this incident, SZA very calmly unfollowed Drake from Instagram. However, netizens did not understand this incident at first, but now it is all clear to everyone.

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