Who is tizzy, aka tizzyent? Why is he trending on TikTok? Racism and Controversy Drama explained!

Tizzyent, a user on TikTok, has responded to the issue he caused by addressing his fans and apologizing for his actions. Tizzyent has amassed an impressive 3.9k followers on TikTok, making her a platform star. Tizzyent may have been a household name on TikTok for well over a year, but he has been working in the film business for much longer than that. Tizzyent, who has worked as a director, editor, producer, and screenwriter for several years, recently found himself in the centre of a controversy stemming from his use of the TikTok app, and he has now spoken out to his followers about the situation. If you’re interested in the specifics, scroll down, but first, here’s the gist.

Who is Tizzy on TikTok?

Tizzy, better known by his TikTok handle, “Tizzyent,” has become noted for his insightful commentary on cultural phenomena. While he quickly became an expert TikToker, Tizzyent is also a deep and award-winning filmmaker. Michael McWhorter, now 45 years old, was born in Richmond, Virginia and helped start the production company Tizzy Entertainment. His resume includes acting, directing short films, writing and directing a music video, and cutting and directing commercials and feature films. Tizzyent, once an editor at Fisher Films, is now a writer, director, and editor at L7 Pictures. The recent Palm Beach State College graduate has become a popular figure on the video-sharing platform TikTok, with his account amassing over 3.9 million followers as of this writing. Meanwhile, the same medium has surrounded him in scandal.

What’s the Deal with the Tizzyent Scandal?

After a young woman publicly named Tizzyent a paedophile, he answered on the site in a way that may have exposed her true name, and the issue erupted around him. Being a famous figure, he saw that the cruel remarks made on social media might destroy a person, and he felt fortunate that the girl had been spared this fate. While Tizzyent tried to reason with the girl, she attacked him online by calling him names and claiming he was a paedophile. Even though Tizzyent had specifically addressed her online, she continued to do the same thing, prompting him to shame her boyfriend. Tizzyent has realized after some time has gone that his acts of calling out would have damaged the girl and her partner. He acknowledged his wrongdoing in a recent video in which he expressed regret. Now that he has had enough of TikTok, he plans to take a break.

Dramatic Incidents of Racism explained

Tizzyent has been quite outspoken about his feelings on racism and has said that he is not proud to be a white guy. Michael said in response to one query that being white is not something to be proud of. Tizzyent said that a group’s ethnicity is something to be proud of since it reflects the group’s cultural identity and the geographic region in which its members were raised. He then discussed black pride, a phenomenon exclusive to black people due to their history and the uniqueness of their experience.

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