Who Was Abby Lucero? Her Death Due to Car Crash Accident Explained

Social media are overactive nowadays with everything. Especially if it is a mishap, it spreads quickly on social media. In addition, there is a tendency of making videos of any accident or mishap and release them on social media. Therefore, the whole world watches that and shares opinions. However, these videos are very sensitive and should not be shared this way. Abby Lucero’s death video is such an example.

Who Was Abby Lucero?

Abby Lucero is an adorable woman of Paris who became the headline because of her deadly accident. On January 2022, she met with an accident and was found spot dead. She was a young teen girl of 17 who was driving the car at high speed. Every year approximately 1.25 million people die in car accidents. Young people always rush to drive a car at high speed, which is the primary cause of such unfortunate incidents among teens. Abby Lucero’s incident also speaks so. However, her personal details are not public yet, although she has become a topic of discussion in the internet world.

The Car Crash Video Explained

Abby, the young Paris lady, was driving her car on 2nd January 2022. Like other days she went from home with good wishes. However, the day was not in her favour. Reports said that Abby had been heading North on Pine Breathable Dive. She was driving the car at high speed. Near Westward Lane, Abby lost her control over the vehicle. At approximately 12:30 am, her car collided with a signpost, became upside down and smashed within a few seconds.

What Did Reports and Police Say?

The horrible incident was interpreted differently by different authorities. However, from trustworthy sources, it was clear that Abby died in the accident. Police and paramedics checked the accident spot thoroughly and found additional valuable information. It was proven that Abby was driving the car at a tremendously high speed. Further, they had also been trying to determine whether Abby was drunk or sober, but nothing was cleared up regarding this matter.

Response of the Whole World

Death due to accidents is very prevalent in modern days. Any of such incidents are horrible and pitiful. In the case of Abby Lucero, the video shook the whole world. The Internet was flooded with lamentation and grief messages. Her friends offered their sincere concern and lamentation on her death. Everyone prayed for the poor soul and wished she would always be living with everyone in their memories.

Response of Abby’s Family

The response of Abby’s family was not clearly shown in the media. They were, of course, destroyed by this unbearable loss. Police handed over the remains of Abby to her family. They peacefully did the funeral of the little girl. However, the news of Abby’s funeral was shown in the media, so everyone paid a grievance on it. Unfortunately, such incidents are happening continuously, and everyone should be very cautious while driving and letting their teens drive.

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