Gangubai Kathiawadi The Real Story of the Mafia Queen

Gangubai Kathiwadi was born in Kathiawad into a well-known Gujarati family. She is known as the “Mafia Queen.” Ganga Harjivandas was her true name. She wanted to be a Bollywood performer since she was young, and she wanted to go to Mumbai to try to make that happen.

When she was 16, and they were both in college, she fell in love with Ramnik Lal, her father’s accountant. Ganga ran away with him from Kathiawad, and the two of them went to Mumbai to start a new life. Gangubai Kathiwadi’s Wedding is a story.

Ganga and Ramnik Lal are said to have married after leaving their home and moving to Mumbai. But Ramnik tricked her and sold her to a brothel for Rs. 500. Even though this betrayal broke Ganga, she could start a new life as Gangubai. She started working as a prostitute in Mumbai’s red-light district.

Gangubai went to the most powerful Mafia Don, Karim Lala, to get help with one of the situations. After that, when they tied the rakhi around Karim Lala’s wrist, they changed their relationship with him and made him their brother. Karim Lala also thought of Gangu as a sister, and he gave his sister Gangubai control of Kamathipura, making her one of Mumbai’s “Mafia Queens.” Gangubai, who was also a victim of the sex trade, became known as the fearsome and powerful procurer of Kamathipura in Mumbai.

The Kamathipura native Gangubai Kathiwadi

Gangubai became the most powerful person in Kamathipura after working with Karim Lala, but she never used this as an excuse to hurt or force children or women into prostitution. Even though she had to deal with many problems, she was still determined to work for the betterment of all sex workers. She was like a god to the orphans and sex workers who knew her.

Even though she ran a brothel, she never forced or pushed anyone to do work against their will. She cared for the women and children at Kamathipura as if they were her own children. Even now, the people of Kamathipura remember Gangubai for all she did for them. She even tried to stop the plan to get rid of Mumbai’s prostitute market. A big statue of her has been put up nearby to honour her. Gangubai’s picture is still on the walls of the brothels in Kamathipura.

The meeting between Gangubai and Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru

Gangubai’s power grew over time, and she is known for wearing sarees with wide borders of gold. On her forehead, there was also a large red bindi. Since she was Karim Lala’s sister and the undisputed queen of the prostitution business, she was rich and owned a Bentley, which would be worth about 4 INR today. Her huge power meant that she always put the needs of sex workers and orphans first, and she fought hard for the rights of women who were forced to work as prostitutes. Gangubai once met Jawahar Lal Nehru, who agreed to her plan to protect the red-light districts after he saw how smart she was.

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