Who is Lil Pnut? YoungBoy lookalike was discovered in Union Springs, Details discussed

NCAA YoungBoy, better known by his stage name Lil PNut, was a prominent figure in social networking. The viral star became famous due to his striking resemblance to the rapper NBA YoungBoy. It was ChangeofplanZ Media that made the initial announcement of his passing. There have been rumours circulating that he was murdered. Formerly known as NCAA YoungBoy, this user frequently shared videos on Facebook. Also, he posted videos that parodied NBA YoungBoy. The figure of influence has gathered a sizable but specialised internet following. According to the local authorities, the influential man’s body was discovered in the woods near his house in Union Springs, Alabama. Early on January 29th, his body was discovered with gunshot wounds.

Who is NCAA YoungBoy?

According to reports, an influential figure on social media known as NCAA YoungBoy, who also goes by the moniker Lil PNut, was discovered dead with gunshot wounds. As of early Friday, police in Union Springs reported finding a corpse. The comedian and cultural influencer’s body was discovered, and the source verified it as his. According to WSFA, Chief Ronnie Felder reported that the corpse was discovered close to Hicks Industrial Road. He enjoyed a sizable following in cyberspace, viral on Facebook, where he often posted videos to engage with fans. He published recordings of himself imitating the rapping style of NBA YoungBoy because of their uncanny likeness.

Fans tribute to the death of NCAA YoungBoy

A YouTube user by the name of clutch318money submitted a video to his channel with the subject, “RIP NCAA YB aka Lil Pnut; I love you,” adding to the outpouring of grief over the reported death of NCAA YoungBoy, nicknamed Lil Pnut, that has been seen throughout social media. In the video, he can be heard saying, “It’s a very horrible feeling but like I’m devastated in so many ways because he went back home to Alabama not so long ago and uh he called me a few days in a row and was begging you know if he could come back to Louisiana.” Since this article was written, the video on YouTube has had more than 80,000 views.

NCAA YoungBoy on social media

Over 149,000 people follow him on Instagram as @334lil pnut. It seems that he posts additional NBA YoungBoy skits to his Instagram account. Almost 67 thousand people are following his @334lilpnut TikTok channel. His channel is 334lil Pnut, with over 3.37K followers on YouTube. He also posts videos of himself pretending to be NBA YoungBoy.

Police invade NBA YoungBoy’s home

The fact that Lil PNut looked so much like NBA YoungBoy became one of his trademarks. On January 5, 2022, SWAT officers broke into the former’s residence. The Texan residence saw the arrest of Carleon Gallien, Roymello Williams, and Daryl Brown. On November 2021, the three were allegedly involved in a shooting. Allegedly, they shot a man many times, causing him severe and may be fatal injuries. Even though NBA YoungBoy’s mom supposedly lived there, she was not home when the police came knocking. There has been no confirmation that NBA YoungBoy’s house raid had anything to do with NCAA YoungBoy’s untimely demise.

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