Who is Mariesha Dockery? Get to the Cause Of Death After Missing Woman Is Found Dead

A family from Fort Bend County is devastated by the horrific news from Chambers County. Anjanette and Marlon Dockery, Mariesha’s parents, have expressed a desire for information about her untimely demise. They request assistance from anybody with contact information to come forward. On December 29, 2021, delegates found a corpse left to float in Cedar Bayou on the border between Chambers County and Harris County. On January 6, authorities used a combination of partial fingerprints and tattoos to identify the corpse as that of Mariesha Dockery positively.

What happened to Mariesha Dockery?

In an interview with Eyewitness News, Mariesha’s relatives said they had last heard from her on December 18. On the 20th, she failed to honor her father by attending his birthday party. Anjanette’s distraught mother stated, “She didn’t call to wish him a good birthday.” We do have an idea of what she would do given the situation have done. The Dockerys have fond memories of their daughter’s infectious laughter and cheerful disposition. People who know her describe her as a devoted lady to her family who strongly believes in God and hopes to work as a sports therapist one day.

Reports claim she is not from Baytown or the surrounding area of Chambers County. What they need is merely some kind of explanation for what happened to her. Marlon, Mariesha’s father, has appealed for assistance from the community in the form of information that will lead law enforcement to those responsible for her wrongful death. It’s not right that we have to look for our child for two weeks before we get a call about them. We’ve heard that she washed up on the coast at Baytown. Please lend a hand; we’re in trouble here. Help is needed by law enforcement. Houston, Fort Bend County, and the Bay Area can do better. Someone has some kind of knowledge. Any kind of assistance is much appreciated.

Mariesha Dockery’s cause of death

Deputy Sheriff Brian Hawthorne of Chambers County, Colorado, claimed there was no question that Mariesha’s death resulted from murder. Several detectives are working on the investigation with him, and they have assigned him to help follow up on leads. Det. Paul Vest of the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office may be reached at (409)267-2500, and the anonymous tips line at Crime Stoppers can be reached at (844)860-8477 if anybody has any information on Mariesha Dockery’s death.

Anonymity is guaranteed, and monetary rewards may be offered if the caller provides information that leads to the resolution of this case. After a year, police in Houston is still looking for a suspect in the murder of a woman in the city’s southwestern part. The victim, Mariesha Dockery, was last seen in a black Jeep Cherokee of the recent model year at 2:30 p.m. at 11000 Southwest Freeway on the 18th of December, 2021. Authorities said that her corpse was discovered in Baytown’s Cedar Bayou ten days after Dockery was reported missing. Exactly what caused her passing away remained a mystery as of now.

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