Who Is Kelly Sue Milano? Reasons why Johnny Depp Yelled At Woman, The viral video explained

On May 18, Raquel “Rocky” Pennington testified against Amber Heard’s ex-husband Johnny Depp in the latter’s continuing defamation trial. First to take the stand was Pennington, who supported Heard’s claims against Depp. Pennington described a phone call she had from her ex-friend Heard on December 15, 2015, in her video deposition. The yoga instructor in Los Angeles saw the wounds Heard alleges Depp gave her, and they matched up with her account of being a victim of domestic abuse. Pennington corroborated Heard’s assertion that Depp had an inappropriate encounter with a lady named Kelly Sue Milano during her evidence. It is not yet known who she is, but she, too, was subjected to verbal abuse at the hands of Depp.

Rocky Pennington, Amber Heard’s ex, defended Johnny Depp

Pennington stated in her testimony that she was concerned about Amber’s safety. For both her and Johnny’s sakes, I felt terrible pain as he is a buddy of mine as well. What I hoped for most was for them to work things out. She also called him “the monster,” a name he has used to describe his troubled, alcoholic, and allegedly irrational previous self.

Pennington disclosed that many of the exes’ friends and family referred to him as “the monster.” When asked by Amber Heard’s attorney Ben Rottenborn who would call Johnny Depp by that name, Pennington said, “Me, Johnny, Amber, and anyone else in the inner circle who was privy to the secret things that would happen.” Raquel “Rocky” Pennington provided more testimony on Wednesday, May 18, regarding the particular events where Johnny Depp lost his temper. She remembered one such instance in May of 2015 involving Pennington, Heard, and Depp when they were on a group excursion.

During their stay at the Hicksville trailer park resort in California, she said, Depp mistreated Heard. The trailer where Heard and Depp were sleeping was trashed, as per Raquel Pennington. The Aquaman actor had testified previously that Depp had a temper tantrum during their vacation, and now she’s saying the same things again. The actress said the group had used drugs, including mushrooms and MDMA while visiting the resort.

About Amber Heard’s friend Kelly Sue Milano

Amber Heard and Raquel Pennington both alleged in their respective depositions that Johnny Depp was involved in a confrontation with a woman called Kelly Sue Milano. Pennington claims that when a lady hugged Heard while they were sitting in a chair together by the fire, Depp exploded. Pennington testified that Depp had shouted, “Get off my woman” at Milano. But Amber Heard earlier stated that Johnny Depp said, “Hey buddy, you think you’re hitting my girl?” Heard said Depp threatened Milano on May 4. Kelly Sue Milano’s true identity has yet to be established, while it is known that a well-known novelist and comic writer with the same name already exists. While this is happening, the court in Fairfax County has issued a subpoena requiring Milano to appear as a witness in the case.

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