TikTok viral video: Teen on couch trending on social media, Details of the TikTok trend are explained!

Lauren Zarras’s TikTok post about her relationship with her boyfriend has gone viral. Over 21.9 million people have seen the video, with many of them referring to Lauren’s boyfriend as the “couch guy.” As the internet has become more accessible, individuals have found themselves under more inspection. However, Lauren had no idea that her happy moment would be spoken about for the wrong reasons.

Who exactly is this “couch guy?”

The chain of events began on September 21 when @laurenzarras, a TikTok user, uploaded a video to the app showing how she surprised her college-aged partner. The caption for this image says, “Robbie had no clue.” Her boyfriend is seen sitting on a sofa with three other females. He seems astonished, and he stands up slowly to embrace her. Another man is present on a different chair. More than 59 million people have seen the video so far.

Explaining the teenage craze of couch videos on TikTok

TikTok star Lauren Zarras, or “TikTok Teen on the Couch,” is a prominent content creator. She and Robbie had been in a long-distance relationship, and she had planned to surprise him with a movie premiere on September 21. Ellie Goulding sang the song, and its title, “Robbie had no idea,” is related to the fact that Robbie knew nothing about the situation. Additionally, Robbie had no idea that his girlfriend had come to see him as a surprise. Lauren was surprised to see three other ladies on the couch with him. On the other side, it would seem that his girlfriend’s allure has swayed Robbie, and he has given in to her. Social media users have called this movement “couchguy” and “iktotenonthecouch,” accordingly. 

The couple’s responses to the viral video

In the comment section, TikToker @laurenzarras defended her partner and their relationship, stating it saddens me that some individuals can see a meaningful event and contribute nothing but negativity to the experience. Please reconsider if you have any presumptions about my connection with this person. His phone had been sitting on his lap as he made the remark. In any case, I appreciate your worries. Yes, I am aware of the situation; no, I do not deny it. 

Her partner, under the username @souljawatchambassador, replied with his own video, saying, “Couch dude here” over a clip of the iconic couch. It’s great that I got you off the berries and cream TikTok, but remember that not all crime videos are authentic. Stop being such a para-social jerk. To refresh your senses, get outside. Be careful.

A TikTok user’s couch video became viral on Twitter

If you’ve ever used the TikTok app, you’ve probably seen the “Teen on the couch video” by now. The original video is also available on Twitter. Furthermore, many individuals have replicated the video and turned it into memes. Lauren caught her boyfriend on camera as he sat with three other ladies; the resulting footage is priceless.

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