Johanna Farber Close Up Video Reddit & Inappropriate Images Getting Viral on Internet

The trend of getting viral is huge nowadays. Anything at any point of time can get viral with the fastest network system. However, in the cases of inappropriate content, it spreads very highly though it is unexpected. Recently, Johanna Farber has faced an embarrassing situation for such a viral trend.

Who is Johanna Farber, and What Had Happened to Her?

Johanna Farber is a famous climber. She was born on 1st September 1998 in Syria, Austria, and is 24 years old. She got a passion for climbing at a very early age and has become a professional climber.

Johanna Farber has recently participated in the World Championship of Climbing in Moscow. Unfortunately, during the course of climbing, she was pointed out inappropriately by the broadcasting team. Therefore, she has protested against it and called the broadcasting “sexualizing”.

The Incident in Details

Austrian climber Johanna Farber has created a sensation in the news because of her stand against the nonsense behaviour of a newsperson. The incident was that the newsperson shot a close-up video of Johanna’s bottom while she was climbing. It was a slow-motioned clip of Johanna’s climbing where the point of focus was on her butt. The incident, therefore, is highly insulting and points out the practice of objectifying a female body. The video has been shown all over the channels, on YouTube and other platforms. Especially on Reddit, the video went tremendously viral.

After Effect of The Incident

The unfortunate incident justifiedly enraged Johanna, and she demanded an apology from the World Climbing Championship authority. However, this is the second time when Johanna Farber has become a point TV broadcaster, as back in June 2021, she faced the same.

The International Federation of Sport Climbing posted an apology to Johanna Farber. They said they were really disheartened about the incident and asked for a sincere apology from Johanna. However, they also apologized to every other women climbers who had faced the same issue more or less. They humbly accepted their flaw of poor management and expressed regret to all athletes and the whole sport climbing community.

Further, the broadcaster ORF also posted an apology notice on Twitter, accepting the guilt. He also removed the corrupted video from everywhere and said the edited one would be uploaded soon.

What Did Johanna Farber Say on This Matter?

It is very unfortunate that, as a female athlete, Johanna Farber has faced these issues more than once. Yet, after seeing the inappropriate video going viral, she immediately went for objection. In an interview, Johanna condemned ORF by saying that they are shifting from their focus. She stated, “How insulting and disturbing this slow-motion clip is to be shown on national TV, and YouTube live streams”.

What Did the Others Say about This Matter?

The incident was hated worldwide, and famous sportspersons and celebrities stood with Johanna. Natalie Berry, a former climber from Great Britain Natalie Berry, stood by Johanna’s side and condemned the repetition of such a shameful incident twice with the same person. He further advised the climbing organizers to focus on bringing more women to the field by stopping these cases.

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