What Is Big Bambina Model Real Name? Dillon Brooks Transgender Girlfriend Before After Images

Sportspersons are always the center of attraction for the world. Their professional lives are a matter of controversy and the topic of discussion. However, their personal lives too are the point of debate for the whole world. The love life of a famous basketball player, Dillon Brooks, has also been discussed recently throughout the media for his girlfriend. The matter is quite vague; however, check out this piece for a comprehensive understanding.

Who is Dillon Brooks?

Dillon Brooks is a professional basketball player from Canada. He has been playing for Memphis Grizzlies from 2017 to the present. However, Dillon Brooks started his promising career very early in his college days. In earlier days, he used to play for his college, Oregon Ducks. On May 23, 2021, Brooks made his NBA playoff debut and got the highest point of the season, 31, which made Grizzlies the winner against Utaz Zazz.

Why is Dillon Brook on Trend?

Dillon Brook is lately the center of attraction due to his private life. News has been spread that Dillon Brook has a new girlfriend, a famous transgender model Big Bambina. As soon as this news has spread across social media platforms, people are trying to find information about Dillon’s new girlfriend. Keep scrolling if you are also willing to know about her in detail.

Who is Big Bambina?

Big Bambina is a famous transgender model who shares a handsome follower base on Instagram. Bambina has become viral because of Dillon Brook; however, she did not reveal much about her on social media. Big Bambina often comes to the headline because of her attractive features, beauty, and personality.

However, due to her transformation, she has not disclosed her age, birth date, family, education, etc. It is assumed that her age is between 28 to 30. She is also Canadian and Christian by religion. Regarding her relationship with Dillon Brooks, she has not stated anything clearly.

How Did the News Become Viral?

In early 2022, the news of Dillon Brook and Big Bambina’s relationship news got viral. Dillon Brooks’s ex-girlfriend, Heather, has leaked this news on social media. Moreover, Heather accused Dillon Brook of having an affair with Big Bambina while she was with him. Therefore, the news has spread quite negatively.

Is Dillon Brooks Gay?

The news of Big Bambina and Dillon Brook’s dating has been spread all over social media for the action of Heather. She pretty clearly accused Dillon of cheating on her. Therefore, the center of attraction has slightly shifted from their dating to Dillon’s sexuality and other aspects.

Recently, Big Bambina has been spotted sharing pictures with Brooks’s puppy. Earlier, Heather, Brooks’s ex, used to share this kind of picture. Further, Big Bambina was also present in every home game of Grizzlies, sitting in the gallery cheering for Dillon. Therefore, it becomes pretty obvious that Brook and Bambina have been dating. Hence, Bambina is a transwoman; therefore, everyone has started thinking about Dillon Brooks’s sexuality. People are depicting him as gay. However, Dillon has not stated anything about his sexuality yet, so it is still controversial.

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