Who is Suzy Friton? What happened to the UFC makeup artist? Cause of death details explored!

After a lengthy fight with breast cancer, Suzy Friton, a renowned member of the UFC’s style and closet crew, died away in September 2021. Suzy, one of the UFC’s most popular makeup artists, has worked in the industry for over a decade. And affected the lives of several fighters in the UFC. As a result, several UFC legends were shocked by the news of her passing and sent their sympathies to her family and friends. By reading on, you may learn more about Suzy Friton’s life and death.

Who is Suzy Friton?

In the MMA industry, Suzy Friton was a famous face painter. She was in charge of the combatants’ makeovers on fight night. She also performed a fantastic job. In 2006, she was promoted to a higher division of MMA, which took her all over the globe. Suzy’s work in UFC on Fox (2011), UFC Ultimate Insider (2012), and UFC on Fox (2013) garnered her a lot of attention (2012). Meanwhile, Friton was the go-to person for all things cosmetic for the octagon ladies, commentators, and combatants in UFC Fight Nights. After almost fifteen years with the UFC, Suzy was a fan favourite on the roster.

What happened to Suzy Friton?

UFC’s head stylist Suzy Friton lost her fight with stage four breast cancer on September 9th, 2021. Friton fought off stage two breast cancer for the second time, but her condition began to worsen in 2021. During that period, she lost a lot of weight and looked like she was in distress. Her cancer returned twice after treatment and was predicted to reach its fourth stage in 2020. The disease spread to her liver and lungs despite frequent chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

Marcus Deegan previously included Suzy on a videotape in which he spoke about Suzy’s fight against cancer. Since Friton felt that all the western techniques were making her situation worse, she opted for a more holistic approach. Friton’s weight growth correlated with her responding well to the therapy. However, the sickness had advanced beyond a cure at this time. In September 2021, it was responsible for the death of a much-loved makeup artist. The UFC announcer Jon Anik was the first to reveal the details of her passing.

Career details of Suzy Friton

After working in the UFC long, Suzy Friton became a famous hairstyle and cosmetics artist. She painted several combatants and spectators there. In 2006, she joined the UFC cosmetics group’s beauty crew and became a stylist. Suzy was featured on UFC Wired in 2007 and Extreme Battle Night in 2006. In 2008, Suzy joined UFC’s closest team. She contributed to the 2015 UFC Embedded video blogging. Her costume suited this year’s UFC25 celebration. Suzy posted many photos of herself, her family, and her clothing and accessories on Instagram. She also wanted to talk about her cancer. She has 26,100 Instagram followers. She had 1639 Twitter followers. Suzy is focused on recovery since her disease already hurts. Suzy was unmarried because she had no romantic interest. She kept her life secret. During her sickness, her MMA friends and co-workers supported her.

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