Who was Sommer Dyer, and what happened to her? Who was Wayne Dyer

A daughter of Wayne Dyer named Sommer Dyer died in Costa Rica, and there was no real evidence of her death.

The complete details about her Obituary and death cause

However, Wayne Dyer’s daughter Sommer Dye has passed away, and this information was confirmed by the Instagram profile of Serena Dyer Pisoni.

Most people have spread the word through social media

Sommer was Wayne Dyer’s daughter, and he is a well-known American author, Wayne’s former wife was Marcelene Dyer. The author was born on 10th May.

On the other hand, on 30th August 2015, Wayne Dyer passed away due to an attack; at that time, she was 75 years old.

What Happened To Sommer Dyer? Death Cause And Obituary

The death of Sommer Dyer was mainly caused by what was disclosed by her family; no obituary has been done till now.

The death of Sommer, a daughter of Wayne, is still unknown, and no one knows the exact cause of it. However, the news was made officially through an Instagram profile revealed on her sister’s account.

Serena Dyer Pisoni, Wayne Dyer’s sister, has finally confirmed her death.

Serena Dyer finally confirmed her sister’s death on her Instagram profile, and it has shattered her fan followers after hearing this news of her loss.

Sommer Dyer passed away in Costa Rica after her father’s birthday celebration when he turned 82.

Her death is still not disclosed, but she passed away in Costa Rica. Many people have announced her death through various social media platforms. Her family was in grief and got her ready for an obituary.

Details of Wayne Dyer Children And Family

Wayne Dyer had tied in a knot for the third time, so he has a vast family because of his marriage.

He shared one daughter with Judy, his first ex-wife, and he married a second wife, Susan Casselman.

Although his first and second marriages did not work, he finally hitched a third time with Marceline.

The third marriage occurred on the Hawaiian island of Maui, and they spent quality time there.

Like this a total, he had six children from all his marriages

But his third marriage also did not work, and finally, they parted in 2003.

Marcelene left the house and eloped with an Australian chiropractor; he was 18 years junior to her.

Though Dyer is not even active on Instagram, no more information is revealed on social media.

However, Marceline was a third wife, Wayne Dyer, and the couple shared two children from her earlier wedding, informed to reports.

Like this, Marcelene shared almost five children with Wayne, and the relationship shattered after 20 years of marriage.

In 1981, Marcelene tied in a knot with Wayne on the Hawaiian island of Maui, and they spent living together.

Meet Sommer Dyer’s Mother Marcelene Dyer, On Instagram

Wayne’s wife is Marcelene Dyer, a prominent American author, motivational speaker, and philosopher.

The new identification of his wife is still not revealed because he has already kept everything secret.

Marcelene also informed that she has been living with her existing boyfriend for 12 years.

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