A video of a dog barking at a leopard and scaring it away has gone viral and shocked the internet

Most of the time, wild cats pounce on small animals and kill them. But have you ever thought that a dog might scare a leopard into running away? It doesn’t seem genuine at all. On the other hand, a stray dog does the same thing in a video that is getting a lot of attention on the internet.

What did Jackie Yadav post?

On November 2, Jackie Yadav, who uses the Twitter service, put a video on the internet. In the video, you can see a leopard trying to pounce on a dog relaxing on the road. The dog doesn’t try to escape the situation by running away. Instead, it acts tough by growling at the leopard. The dog is right in front of the leopard and barking at it, so the leopard has no choice but to run into the nearby forest.

The post’s caption read:

 Since the tweet was brought to the attention of microblogging site users, it has been seen more than 1.17 lakh times. It’s been seen, and the number of times it’s been seen is more than 5600. People also leave many comments on the 10-second video clip that has gone viral.

He wrote about a user, “He is scared, but he dares to protest out of fear, so maybe he will live.” He was talking about the user who had posted the comment. Fear is normal, but it would be a mistake to give up the fight because of it.

When a dog is scared or submissive, it will tuck its tail between its legs and keep it low. It may even press its tail between its legs. In this situation, the dog feels a lot of fear or anxiety.

Shared on WhatsApp

During this year, there have been many reports of leopards venturing out of their natural environment and walking about on roads and sidewalks close to residential areas. As a result of the many complaints that have been received, the Forest Department has been asked to take back the large cats since they have been witnessed inflicting injuries not only on animals but also on people.

Officer Parveen Kaswan of the Indian Forest Service posted a video of one of these incidents on CCTV. In the footage, a leopard can be seen climbing over the barred fence and attacking a family’s beloved dog when it is out of camera range. The beginning of the video shows a dog standing close to the entrance of a home with its gate shut. The date of the video is unknown. The dog, which seems to be terrified by something, immediately begins to flee in a frantic state. After waiting for a while, the leopard eventually climbs up and over the fence.

The scary footage shows the leopard climbing the fence and charging at full speed for the puppy. After a few periods, the large cat was seen escaping while still holding the dog securely in its jaws.

The video was sent on Twitter by Parveen Kaswan, who accompanied it with the words, “See that leopard. The situation is hopeless for everyone else.” Additionally, he said that the video was sent to him through WhatsApp.

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