Who is Adam Thornton of Biloxi, Mississippi? Found dead or alive? Details Explained

Adam Thornton from Biloxi, Mississippi, has garbed the attention of many people, and they want to learn whether he is alive or dead. As per the report, Adam 37 years old man, was missing in Biloxi, Mississippi. He was missing from December 27, 2021, and he went somewhere and did not return after that. Then his family lost hope because they couldn’t be able to contact him. His family started to ask his close friends and other close ones, but no one knew anything about him. Then they reported to the Police that Police filed his case as a missing case. Now, most of the cruise to know whether he is alive or dead, and the following will help you to know more about Adam’s case.

After that, his missing news was viral on social media, but there was no helpful information not available on social media. But his missing news has been rapidly shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and many others. Adam also has previous criminal records and was named the first-degree battery and first-degree murderer. He was also previously imprisoned at Pulaski country prison. There is no complete information about the murder case he has been involved in.    

Who is Adam Thornton?

Per the report, Adam Thornton is 37 years old and from Mississippi and was missing on December 27, 2021. After the police investigation, it was reported that he shot and died a person named Kevin Criss. He is from South Martin; there is also another man named Kerry Burtain who was shouted at the time of the shot, as per the police report, and he is in stable health condition as of now, but he is still admitted to the hospital. The Police filed Adam Thornton’s case as a missing one in the beginning, and after that, they started the investigation. Officers also went to Adam to search, and they found that he is drug gear in his house; the officer found the attack rifle with drug gear. Then the officers started to get more information about Adam and also, and they enquired with his friends and families, and they got more information from them.

As per the officer’s report, Adam Thornton is still alive; they have mentioned that Adam was imprisoned for his previous murder case and is now in Pulaski Country prison. The 37 years old man was in prison because of his crime activism but is still on social media. There are many rumours about whether he is alive or dead.

Many people want to get more information about Adam Thornton, but there is no more personal information about him not available on the internet. His parents’ names, date of birth, spouse names, children, and family background are unknown. He must be 6 Feet 1 Inch in height, and he is tall, and his weights are unknown. Some of his pictures are circulating on social media, and it is still unknown if it is original or if someone is spreading rumours about his photos. Adam’s missing case has become viral on social media, and also many people have created rumours about his case.       

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