Sadly, Shakira Gatlin, a member of the dancing ensemble Dancing Dolls for Life (DD4L), died away recently, She was in her late teens

According to reports, the dancer was shot. Her mother sent a heartfelt letter on Facebook in which she communicated the news to her followers.

What became to Shakira Gatling, who was once a member of Dancing Dolls for Life (DD4L)?

Officials with the Jackson Police Department have said that her passing occurred on Barnes Street in Jackson, in the state of Mississippi, in the United States of America. According to the reports, the occurrence took place on Thursday around 8:50 p.m. According to a post published on, the Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham Stewart revealed that she was shot once when a “loaded firearm” was “mishandled in the company of others,” which caused her to suffer a single bullet wound. A youngster of juvenile age has also been questioned by the authorities in connection with this event.

Her mother confirms the death of Shakira Gatling

Her mother sent a heartfelt letter on Facebook in which she communicated the news to her followers. Shakira’s mother, Erica Robinson took to Instagram to express her disbelief, anger, and confusion about the situation, all while posting a picture of her daughter. She said that when she had finished putting to rest her husband, she had to “bury” her daughter as well, and she added that “they deserved to live.” Since 2015, Shakira has been a part of the Dancing Dolls for Life (DDFL) organisation. In recent weeks, she was reported as the drillmaster and the head co-captain for the group. The organisation was a dance studio that participated in various dance styles, including hip hop and other styles. She gained a lot of attention for her videos, which focused on dancing.

Earlier this month, on the occasion of the anniversary of his birth, she had written, “happy heavenly birthday, dad love and miss you to the fullest in u watching ova us n imma do all I can to make sure we all good I promise @derrick Robinson (sic)” in a message that she sent to her father’s Instagram account.

In the wake of her passing, several tributes were offered. After hearing the news of her passing, one individual remarked that they were left feeling “numb” and that it seemed “normal” to say “Rest in Peace” to the “clever child.”

Who precisely is this Shakira Gatlin?

Since 2015, the child has been participating in DDFL events. She received a promotion not long ago and is now serving as the head co-captain as well as the drill master of her group. DDFL is a dance-based business that focuses mostly on hip-hop dancing in addition to various other styles of dance. The firm is most well-known for the videos that can be seen on its website. This may be seen on their website:

Through the medium of dance, “Dollhouse Dance Factory encourages high levels of self-esteem, tenacity, and perseverance in young women, as well as excellent academic accomplishment, engagement in the community, and the significance of maintaining good health.”

The Facebook page associated with the firm now has more than 419 thousand followers. In addition to that, there is a reality programme that is centred on the dancing studio. 2014 saw the premiere of the dance-centric television programme Bring It!

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